Membrane vacuum press - MODEL 2011

2012-02-28, 12:39
Membrane vacuum press - MODEL 2011

Membrane vacuum press - MODEL 2011

ADAMIK COMPANY from Třinec will present a new model of vacuum membrane press of a new model line 2011 at the expositions Lignum Expo in Nitra a Pragoligna
in Prague. It is another from the series of veneering presses that signifi cantly simplify, accelerate and improve the work of furniture manufacturers.

What are the possibilities of use of the press?

The range of applications of membrane vacuum veneering press is very wide. Apart from standard veneering of shaped and straight elements the machine can be used for veneering of furniture,
furniture parts, renovations of old and damaged furniture, production of door frames, lathes, panels. As the elastic membrane ensures perfect copying of shapes and thus allows for shaping of
stratifi ed materials using single form, the membrane press is an ideal device for manufacturing interior components and parts of furniture using sandwich method (door arches, round doors,
ergonomical backs of chairs). The membrane press can also be used in laminating of shaped and straight components using HPL and CPL materials. Another way of use of the press is forming of
thermoplastic materials (Corian, Hi-Macs, Staron) suitable for production of wash basins, kitchen and table boards. Thanks to the properties of the vacuum press it is possible to apply surface materials
also on wood, plastic materials, paper, textile, metal or chipboard.

High quality and wide selection of decorations

The requirements of customers for design and utility properties of surface materials of the furniture keep increasing. On the market there is a very popular furniture made of solid wood and its perfect
imitation. Quality and aff ordable imitations of solid wood can be achieved by application of veneers or laminates that imitate the surface best. The used technology signifi cantly infl uences the
resulting eff ect of veneering and application of alternative surfaces. The best results can be achieved by using vacuum membrane presses that ensure high quality of fi nal surface, as well as possibility
to select from a wide scale of traditional and exotic decors.

How this press works?

During the pressing process the processed part is laid on the working surface and by means of the vacuum pump the membrane is sucked to the part in order to ensure perfect adhesion to the part.
The vacuum press can exert pressure of up to 9 000 kg/m2. Veneer or laminate precisely follows the shape of the body during gluing.
High output capacity of the pump allows for faster evacuation of air from the working space, which increases the speed of pressing. Total pressing time is also infl uenced by heating of the working
space by means of three heating elements in the top cover, as the higher temperature accelerates the process of glue hardening and thus decreases the adhesion time..

Simple design solution

It is clear already at fi rst sight, that it is a device with simple design. Vacuum press consists of a workbench with a system of grooves for distribution of vacuum, special membrane with elasticity of
up to 700%, isolated cover with heating and control panel with vacuum pump with pneumatic system and two air fi lters. The press works at a temperature of 0 °C to 60 °C, the rubber membrane at
a temperature from minus 35 °C up to 110 °C, pressing of thermoplastic materials requires application of membrane with increased heat resistance of up to 230 °C.
The workbench with the system of grooves for air suction has the usable area of 2850 x 1150 mm. Upon customer’s wish it is however possible to extend the area or possibly manufacture it exactly to
measure. Vacuum pumps of German company Becker achieve an output of 16,25 or 40 m3/hod.

Benefi ts of the new model - time and power savings

As opposed to the older types of presses the membrane presses of the model line of 2011 use heating elements with fans for heating, thanks to which the heating of working surface is faster and
thanks to the air fl ow the temperature is even in all the parts of the press, it means that the membrane is less stressed with this heating method than in the previous models. The new system of vertical
gas spring on the heating cover allows for easier opening and closing of the press, which will be appreciated especially if the press is operated by women.
Further advantages of ADAMIK Company presses include simple membrane replacement, trouble-free handling with the machine thanks to the equipment with four robust wheels and power savings
that can be achieved thanks to the inbuilt digital timer that allows for switching into automatic operation mode. The important fact for the customers also is that all the original machines developed
and manufactured by ADAMIK Company received certifi cate of Machinery Testing Institute in Brno, valid in the EU countries. Guarantee and post-guarantee service as well as training of the operators
is obvious for this traditional Czech manufacturer.

ADAMIK Company
Kastanova 182, 73961 Trinec, Czech Republic

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